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Elevate your vibe

Elevate your vibe 🥥️

Vital Proteins are back!

Elevate your vibe 🥥️

You are born to be powerful, abundant and thriving. Life bring stress, trauma and is constantly challenging us. These times are difficult, and it's easy to get overstimulated and overwhelmed by the intense pace of it all. This week, we will have a FREE SRI class on Wednesday, 2-3pm and we will discuss and practice stages 1-2-3 and possibly stage 4. These stages are from the 12 Stages of Healing are especially powerful For people who want to reclaim their personal power, get connected and confront their fears, or just want to bust through the limiting beliefs or destructive stories. The goal of learning these techniques is to help us get present with what is really going on in our bodies. Also, we have our collagen peptides back in and are on sale for 20% this week. This weeks hours: Friday: 1 pm -5 pm Monday: 3-6pm Tuesday: 10-11am Wednesday 10-12 3-6 pm Thursday: emergencies only

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