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At Just Breathe, we provide the most modern form of Chiropractic care we can. Chiropractic, meaning "use of hands", is a unique profession based on a major premise that there is an innate, inborn intelligence inherent to all life. This is what controls, coordinates and adapts the organism to its environment. This intelligence is transmitted and expressed through nerve signals that deliver messages to every cell of the body. These messages are extremely vital as they are responsible for proper and coordinated growth, healing and adaptation of your body.  

Humans, and all other vertebrates, have a spine and nerve system. The spinal column is the bony framework intended to protect the delicate nerve system, but when areas of the spine become subluxated, through physical, chemical or mental/emotional trauma, it interferes with the nerve system.  


Signals that are traveling from brain to body or body to brain are altered creating a disease in the body.  Not disease per se but a dis-ease, lack of ease, harmony or balance.  This interference is what Chiropractors are skilled at locating and assisting the body in releasing through the adjustment.  The adjustment is to help the innate intelligence within express itself as best as possible, allowing for the full potential for health, healing and adaptation of that person to be expressed.

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