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Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis: The Basics

Before you visit our Healdsburg Chiropractor, you may see the term Network Spinal Analysis or NSA. What does this term mean, and how can it help you on the path toward wellness? The term Network Spinal Analysis refers to an evidence-based approach to total wellness and body awareness. By using gentle, precise touches to the spine, it causes your brain to create new approaches to develop better wellness strategies. A combination of self-assessments, lifestyle changes, and chiropractic entrainments (a unique and cutting edge gentle adjustment) provides you with a better relationship between your body, mind, and emotions.


NSA, or Network Spinal Analysis was first developed in 1987 by my mentor, friend, Dr. Donald Epstein and has now become a popular choice for many chiropractors. These strategies help to guide your body to create strategies within the nervous system that release tension and helps you adapt to stress. Light touches are made to specific areas along the spine that help your body find tension patterns within the connective tissue. When this happens, it helps you gain a stronger connection with your body as well as your mind and how the two relate. With regular visits to our Healdsburg chiropractor, you’ll gain a wide range of health benefits including:


  • Faster recovery and healing from injuries (faster healing process) 

  • Less pain & stiffness

  • Better energy levels, better focus, and concentration

  • More restful, restorative sleep and less insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns

  • A better outlook on life that gives you more joy and less anxiety/fear

  • More aware of body's messages

Whether you have emotional, physical, or even chemical trauma, the process of Network Spinal Analysis at our Santa Rosa Chiropractor can be extremely helpful. Consider this option if you’re looking for a safe and all-natural way to get holistic care. The body-mind connection is strong, and we can help you foster this important relationship so you can feel less stressed, stronger, and just better overall. Contact us today to find out more and to schedule your first appointment.

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