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Zoom Burnout is REAL

Dear Practice Members,

In a new study out of Stanford University, women reported higher levels of fatigue associated with video calls than men. The new research from Stanford University published on Tuesday found that women experience significantly more Zoom fatigue than men. The research, which hasn't been peer reviewed, suggested video calls simply amplify and exacerbate the already wide gender stress gap, with women consistently reporting more stress and stress related health conditions in men, according to the American Psychological Association.

Stress impacts us all in different ways... and all these daily stressors impact our health.

🎾So, get outside and move your bodies.

💦 Drink more alkaline water

⭐️Avoid sugar

🥰 Learn to breathe properly and eliminate CO2 from your bodies.

🌈Meditate for better relaxation, healing, happiness and compassion. Research shows that regular meditation activates areas in the brain to reduce stress, negative thoughts, and mental toxicity.

😎Express your e-motions! Sadness, anger and fear create an unhealthy body/mind

📔📓Journaling is a great tool for greater self- awareness.

AND get into the office for your adjustments.

This weeks hours are:

Monday: 3-6:30pm

Tuesday: 12-4:30pm

Wednesday: 10-12noon & 3-6pm

Thursday: emergencies only

Friday: 12-4:45pm

Saturday: 10-11am

Be well!

Dr. E, Rob and Luca❤️


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