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Why wait for the pain to get this bad 😿

Why wait for the pain to get this bad 🐱

Why wait any longer?

Many people come into the office in a state of pain or suffering. My question to you is what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for another crisis, for the gyms to open, more discomfort and pain?

We are here for you and have answers. When our nervous systems live in constant defense, and we are living in our heads, the mind-body is not connected.

This weeks hours are:

Monday: 2:30-6pm

Tuesday: 11-2pm

Wednesday: 10-12 noon & 3-6pm

Thursday: 9:45-12 noon

Friday: emergencies only

Saturday- Monday closed for Labor Day

Peace to you!

Dr. E, Susana, Rob and Luca


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