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Special hours Saturday | Just Breathe Chiropractic

Dr. Elizabeth Sordyl

The nervous system is our filter~ the lens which we perceive the world. Similar to a vacuum, if overloaded, it's unable to take in anything new except for scraps and minuscule bits. With each and every visit of Network Care, your nervous system becomes clearer and so too does your life. Imagine experiencing every day from the consistently undefended open-minded point of view where you can see more clearly and therefore operate with much more energy, vitality, and ease. Insights pop, knowing abounds, and the unfolding of your potential is supported and encouraged. This is how humans are designed to function.

We are offering New Patients

*Private health consultation

*Static EMG to find out where you are balanced

*Personalized assessment and a plan for your care

*First entrainment with us

All for $89. Call us or email us for times:

417 East Street

Healdsburg, CA 95448

T: 707-431-1419

Thank you for all your trust in me!


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