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Happy Tuesday💕♥️💕

Happy Tuesday💕♥️💕

Hi! We wanted to remind everyone that we will be in the office this week for the following hours:

Monday: 2-6pm

Tuesday: 11:30am-2pm

Wednesday: 11-12 noon & 3-6pm

Thursday: 3-6pm

Friday: closed

Saturday: closed

New patients are seen outside these hours and you can book online or call Susana for scheduling. ️

Everyone is bearing the impact of all these changes in our modern world. Our daily lifestyle stresses and patterns whether it's chemical, emotional, mental or physical is all held in our spines and nervous system's. Overtime this subtly clouds or distorts every interaction in life as we are unknowingly wearing this "defense armor". And with all the stimulation they were exposed to, the mind and body aren't properly connected and so we end up living mostly in our heads. Now is the best time to have clarity, more energy to see more clearly. We want to encourage you all to bring your family members into our office. We feel blessed to get to know all of you and take care of you.

Enjoy your week.

With love,

Dr. E, Susana, Rob and Luca

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