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Happy July 🇺🇸

Happy July ️🇺🇸️

Dear all,

We are open this week rested/recharged after the 4th of July bbq's. We want you to know that we see you and hear you. And as you all know, it all begins with tending to your spine. The quality of your spine determines the quality of your life. Our care specializes in helping you heal faster and the ability to heal so you will have more health, vitality and energy.

This weeks hours are:

Monday: 2:45-6pm

Tuesday: 11am-2pm

Wednesday: 11-12 noon & 3-6pm

Thursday: 10-12 noon

We will be closed on July 12-19 and back in the office on Tuesday, July 20th. Please let Susana know what your schedule looks like and we will see you on the 20th.

With love,

Dr. E, Susana, Rob and Luca


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