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Copy of How stress plays tricks with your brain.

A healthy spine leads to a healthy mind. NSA works with you spine and central nervous system (brain and body) and your connection to your sense of self, and what you continually focus on, your emotions, behaviors, perceptions, consciousness and your degree resourcefulness in the world. Everyone’s bearing the impact of stress in the modern world, daily lifestyle stress, not to mention all the life stories.( he left me, it’s my genetics) Overtime, our nervous system produces patterns since birth. We can carry these experiences unconsciously, whether chemical, emotional, mental or physical, in our spines and nervous systems. Overtime this set subtly clouds are distorts every interaction life as we are unknowingly where in this defense armor.

Level 1 basic care will help your mind/body connect again again and teach the frontal lobes of the brain to give you more discernment under stress.

Level 2 (transform care) is when you are so ready to change your chronic patterns and choose massive action, NOW!

Level 3 is awaken care. Awaken care is a time when our spines are free of defense physiology and stress becomes an opportunity for growth.

We are having a annual food drive and it's only $59 for a complete examination and an EMG (a high tech, non-invasive way to show where you are blocked and where you are not)

and a posture examination. Please tell a friend, family member, or coworker to come visit us.


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