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Are You Thriving Or Are you Surviving?

Hi all, When we are living in survival mode, with our stress response turned on all the time, we can only really focus on three things. 1. Am I OK? 2. Where is it safe? 3. And how long is this going to take? All these questions are real when you are in survival and your frontal lobe's are maxed out. Our work is critical for helping you to become more aware of you and your nervous system. Our gentle approach will quiet in the frontal lobe of the brain and help you rest, digest, and HEAL faster. If you would like to bring your kids in before Halloween, I am waiving the initial appointment

for them til next Friday. This work makes all the difference to help train our kids to become more aware, more mindful, and less self-absorbed. When you make the appointment, tell Susana that you saw the email. This week's hours are:


Wednesday: 3-6:15pm Thursday: emergencies only Friday: 1-5pm NP are seen outside these hours.

With love, Dr. E, Susana, Rob and Luca


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