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Optimize the mind and body

Also June is dedicated to our friends and family at Just Breathe Chiropractic. Until 30 June, if we have not seen you in a while, you are invited to call us and come in for a free check up and we will take care of you.

If you would just like to check out what we do, we are offering a special price of $89 for the initial visit and an EMG, (electromyography: I scanned it tells us where your muscles are overly stressed or tight)

We are offering for all new patients:

  • Private health consultation

  • static EMG to find out where your balanced and where you're not

  • personalize assessment and a plan for your care

  • for spinal adjustment to help you move your stuck energy

Friends and family month is a special time for all of you who are searching for another solution to your health concerns. Call us now to reserve your spot.

We are open Wednesday, 9-11:30am & 3-6:30pm

Thursday: emergencies only

Friday: 9-11:30am

Saturday: 10-11am


Dr. Elizabeth Sordyl

14583 Big Basin Way,

Suite 3a

Saratoga, CA 95070

T: 408.867.3407


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