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The Codes Are Here!❤️

Hello practice members, We want all of you to have the power to align your body & tune in to the messages constantly guiding you. At JUST BREATHE, we know that the power of aligning with uniqueness of who you are at your core is the key that activates this potential inertia into motion.Our environment provides a safe place so you can awaken this power inside of you. We use the most cutting edge and customized transformative work called network care. We will help you and guide you towards realizing who you truly are. The Codes of Humanity are now in the office and these aqueous codes, are highly flexible with how you can engage with them. You may drop them on your hands and rub them through your energy field, place them in your bath, drop them in your crown, rub them on your heart or any other energy points which feels right to you. The possibilities are limitless, use them as you're guided to do so. The Release code is one of my favorites right now. When you release the mental and emotional burdens you carry, amazing things can happen in your body and in your life. Any trauma or unresolved upsets you carry with you act as mental, spiritual, emotional anchors which hold you down and create distortions in your perceptions. Let me know if you need any more information regarding any of the codes we have in the office, or go straight to their website : This weeks hours are: Monday: 2-6:30pm Tuesday: 12-2:15pm Wednesday: 11-12noon and 3-6pm Thursday: emergencies only Friday- 1-5pm Saturday: emergencies only New patients are seen outside these hours and we will be happy to assist you in anyway we can. With love, Dr. E, Susana, Rob and Luca


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