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More ease please...

More ease | Breathe in, breathe out please

Hi all!

This week has been another intense week and I'm ready to help you all to be more intentional with your thoughts, feelings and self-care habits. Sometimes with all the hormones of stress, our frontal lobes of our brains get hijacked and things become overwhelming. It's time to get a clearer picture of what you really want. (Do you want more peace, a better job, a new relationship, eat better, loose weight etc)

This week we will be coaching/ assisting with more breathing and healing work in the offices. Make sure you schedule more self-care and understand that we've been through a lot this year and need to be more gentle with ourselves.

So, if you missed our porch jazz concert, we doing it again this Sunday, November 8th from 2-4pm. Please come and listen to calming jazz with Rob Sudduth on tenor saxophone, Tom Hassett on drums, and Joel Kruzec on bass.

Also, we are finally going down to Los Gatos for our pop-up office this Thursday, November 12th. 12-2 and 3:30-6pm. We've rescheduled so many times these last 7 months and we are so grateful to be @ Dave Lepori's photography studio- 61a Victory Lane, Los Gatos, California.

Today's office hours are:

Friday: 1-2:15pm & 4-6pm. New patients are seen outside these hours.

Saturday: by appointment only

Monday: 3-6pm

Tuesday: 1-4pm

Wednesday: 10-12 noon & 3-6pm

Thursday: 12-2pm &3:30-6pm️️️️️️ Los Gatos

Friday: emergencies only

Saturday: by appointment only

With love,

Dr. E


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