Happy Monday | Pop up this Thursday in Los Gatos

Happy Monday | Just Breathe 🎉| pop up in Los Gatos this Thursday A healthy spine leads to a healthy mind. NSA (the healing work I do) works with you spine and central nervous system (brain and body) and your connection to your sense of self, what you continually focus on, your emotions, behaviors, perceptions, consciousness and your degree resourcefulness in the world. Everyone’s bearing the impact of stress in the modern world, daily lifestyle stress, not to mention all the life stories.( he left me, it’s my genetics) Overtime our nervous system produces patterns since birth. We can carry these experiences unconsciously, whether chemical, emotional, mental or physical, in our spines and ne

The Month of February

A healthy spine leads to a healthy mind. NSA, also known as Network Chiropractic is a gentle type of spinal care that supports people in making progress in every area of their life with energy and clarity rather than struggle. We want you to discover how to breathe more fully and feel more vital, energetic and alive. If you would like to check us out, we are offering for the month of February, you will receive a full initial examination for $89. (for new patients only) *Private health examination *Static EMG to find out where you are blocked *Personalized assessment and a plan for your care *First spinal adjustment to help you move your stuck energy

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