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Hi all,

We are so grateful to share our gifts with you in Healdsburg. I want you to know, we want you to know you can pause, unplug, breathe and find your way back to health. Sometimes we find ourselves living in survival mode and not sure how to reset ourselves. This week, we are sharing the breathing exercises called SRI or somato-respiratory integration to help you find out where you are stuck and how to consciously and mindfully be present to what your body is telling you.

For the month of July, receive a full examination for $89(new patients only)

*Private health consultation*Static EMG and find out where you're balanced and where you are not.

*Personalized assessment & a plan for your care

*First spinal entrainment you help you move your stuck energy

Office hours this week: Monday: 3-6pm Tuesday: 11-12 noon 3-4pm Wednesday: 10am -12 noon & 3-5pm Thursday: emergencies only Friday: 12-3pm Saturday: emergencies only

Just Breathe Chiropractic 417 East Street Healdsburg, Ca 95448 T: 707.431.1419

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