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Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Hi! How do we keep up with self-care? Who are we kidding. There are many more life stresses today then there were 30 years ago. And then add on any financial pressures, relationship concerns, and health challenges, job angst, time management problems... nervous systems are constantly being bombarded and our bodies aren’t functioning optimally to be able to handle this kind of volume. This results in you feeling disconnected, uninspired, on auto pilot, reactive, defensive, judge mental, high strong, taking things personally, sleepless, anxious, depressed, fatigue, relentless mental chatter, self-doubt, and inability to focus. When you ignore all those whispers that your body is telling you something, the symptoms overtime, Will get louder and louder. This will create chronic stress, pain and disease. We are here to help you. Office hours remaining this week: Wednesday: 9-11:30 & 3-6:30pm Friday: 9-11:30am Gratefully, Just Breathe Chiropractic 14583 Big Basin Way #3a Saratoga, CA 95070 T: 407.867.3407 Web:

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