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SRI Breathing Class

Hi all,

We are excited to invite our practice members to come to an afternoon of SRI or Somato Respiratory Integration exercises based on Dr. Donald Epstein's work. This work is designed to align you and have you take ownership of your body and your life. The body's rhythms to help you enliven and heal you. This will help you effectively change the tension in your body and shift your old ways of behaving and thinking.

When: Wednesday, June 21st

Time: 1-2pm

Where: in the main entrainment room with me, Dr. Elizabeth Sordyl.

Everything is better with the Brazilian bark, copaiba. This essential oil has many superpowers and can easily be used for allergies, bumps and scrapes.

1. Use 1-3 drops under your tongue and can help as a super anti-histamine. (supports nervous, circulatory, digestive systems)

2. Place a half a drop inside your nose and feel more calm and tranquil.

We have the soft gels as well if you would like to try them internally.

This weeks hours are:

Monday: 3-6pm

Tuesday: 11:45-2pm

Wednesday: 12-1pm and SRI CLASS at 1pm

Thursday: 3-6pm

With love,

Dr. E, Susana, Rob and Luca


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