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Happy Monday | Just Breathe

Well, the Russian River is full and we are back with 1 hour less sleep than last week. Sometimes, we have to let our batteries run down and recognize that we can do a better job of self-care. Here are my top 5 things to help you get back on track. 1. Drink more alkaline water daily. Yes, you will need to go to the bathroom every hour, but your body needs a natural way to detox. 2. Put on your rain boots and take a 10 minute stroll everyday during these storms. 3. Eat more green leafy vegetables . Swiss chard & bok choy are my favorites. Enjoy a salad and an avocado . 4. Get to bed early this week. So many of you are so tired and going thru the motions and what you really need is some quality rest. If you haven’t heard me talking about mouth tape, it’s a must if you are breathing in your mouth and out your mouth all night. 5. Practice meditation. Yup, close your eyes, make sure you’re all by yourself and breathe in and breathe out. It’s so good for calming your fears and anxieties in just 10 minutes. Dr. Joe Dispensa is my favorite and he has lots of freebies on line. This weeks hours are: Monday: 3-6pm Tuesday: 11:30-2pm Wednesday: 12-1 & 3-6pm Thursday: 3-6pm (no morning hours) Next week: Closed on Monday, March 20th for a mental holiday. Warm regards, Dr. Elizabeth Sordyl, Susana, Rob, and Luca


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