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Happy Monday!

We are working on making a larger impact in our community- and that’s why we are hosting our 1st Healdsburg Clear Day. Winter is always a great time to slow down and take a pause in our busy lives. This Saturday we will have a special day at the office infused a wellness- stillness and reorganization of our nervous systems. There are 2 spots available and we will take extra care of you as always. This weeks hours are: Monday: 3-6pm Tuesday: 11:45am- 2pm Wednesday: 11-1pm & 3-6pm Thursday: 12 noon - 2pm Friday: emergencies only Saturday: Clear Day 9:30-3pm with Karen Kim leading us with restorative yoga / 3 entrainments / Somato- respiratory integration and fun! With love, Dr. E, Rob, Luca and Susana


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