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Hi all,

Sometimes we need a little more immune support to help with a cold or flu and here is my solution. ELDERBERRY SYRUP!

Elderberries are filled with antioxidants and vitamin C and will help when you get that sore throat or cough that doesn’t go away.

Here are the supplies you need:

1 cup of dried organic elderberries

3 fingers of raw ginger

1 teaspoon of cardamon

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

Tables spoon of dried cloves

1 cup of local honey

4 cups of water

Take 1 cup of water and the raw ginger and mix it in the vitamins til it’s chopped. Strain and put in a pot with all the above ringer for 45-1 hour on low.

Let your mixture cool and strain into jars for the refrigerator. This batch will last 3 weeks.

Also, stay tuned for our Clear Day next month with a special yoga/pilates teacher from Folsom, California. We will have 3 entrainments, breathing work (the SRI we do in the office) green juices and journaling.

This weeks hours are:

Monday: 3-6pm

Tuesday: 11-2pm

Wednesday: 12-1 & 3-6pm

Thursday: 3-6pm

Happy January!

Dr. E & Susana


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