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A little jazz this Saturday

We all need a little laugh, a good hug, and listen to some jazz to change our state. This Saturday, October 10th from 5:30-8:30pm, my husband will be playing with a trio at Hotel Healdsburg. Hotel Healdsburg is set on the western edge of Healdsburg’s historic town plaza, and only 3 blocks from Just Breathe Chiropractic. I would personally like to invite you all to come, enjoy a relaxing outdoor venue and enjoy some fabulous American cuisine.

Also, I want everyone to know that we really think it is a good idea to do even more self-care this next couple weeks. Our nervous systems have been overloaded with toxins and stress from all the fires, evacuations and pandemic. Our bodies are not supposed to be in fight or flight for long periods of times and need more rest and relaxation NOW.

Also, this Saturday, October 10th I will have special hours from 10-12noon. If you spouse has not come in with and would like to experience the work, I would like for you to invite them over. These special times will be for them to receive an EMG (the scan to find out where you are balanced and where you blocked), a posture exam, and assessment of your muscles, ligaments, and nervous system.

Hope to see you all this week!

Warm regards,

Dr. E, Rob and Luca


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