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Detox after the fires

Our bodies have gone thru an intense couple weeks and being proactive, will help your immune system and help heal your body for optimal health.

🌟 Drink lots of water. Not only will it clear microtoxins, but will help prevent illnesses.🌟 increase your antioxidants immediately. Supplements like vitamin C, and MSM will repair your body quickly.

🌟 Take an epsom salt bath. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and soaking with 2 cups of magnesium sulfate, will help release toxins in your body.

🌟coconut charcoal is an easy way to help remove everyday toxins, heavy metals, and bloating.

🌟Get adjusted more. As you know, getting entrained (adjusted Network style) Will help the quality of your life. Our care unlocks your body is genius ability to help heal and tap into more vitality and energy.

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