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Happy hump day!

Are you living in fight or flight?

Most of us right now are stressed out, anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, fearful or in pain and nothing seems to be working. This is a great time to discover something new. Rather than try to fight or ignore your symptoms, popping pills or numbing yourself with alcohol or weed, it’s a great time to connect to what your body and life really needs and begin a process of powerful healing and long-term well-being.

*When you start under care, we will help you release enormous amount of built-up stress and tension.

* Breathe more fully and feel more vital, energetic and alive

*develop more discernment as to what your body needs

*improve your posture and flexibility

*discover the relationship between your stress and your symptoms

*enhance your adaptability to handle life stresses and challenges

This week’s hours:

Monday: 3-6pm

Wednesday 3-6pm

Thursday: 11-1pm

Friday: emergencies only

Saturday: 9:30-11am

Thank you for all your trust in me!

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