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How do we measure tension and stress

Hi! As some of you know, we do a static EMG, which is a surface electromyography to measure muscle tension, and the amount of electrical activity in the muscles when they contract. When we're stressed out, anxious, fatigued, overwhelmed, and not taking care of ourselves, our spine and muscles around the spine contract. Course we want you to be balanced, positive, and have healthy postures but sometimes life doesn't allow us to always be taking care of ourselves. If you have not been in a while, book an appointment with Michelle and we will give you EMG, absolutely free. You must book the appointment before Saturday, September 16th to this offering. By the way, we are open today 9 AM till 11:30 AM. Saturday: 9:45-11am. Gratefully, Dr. Elizabeth Sordyl 14583 Big Basin Way, #3a Saratoga, CA 95070 T: 408.867.3407 Web:

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