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Placenta Encapsulation Pills

Placenta Encapsulation Pills💙

16 days ago I had an amazing home birth with a team of midwife, doulas, and my husband. It was an amazing experience to have the baby in the safety and privacy of our own home. After 17 hours of labor and NO epidural or pitocin, I managed to deliver the most beautiful healthy baby boy. Paula Schnebelt, my super midwife, delivered my placenta to her daughter the night of our birth to have it encapsulated. (Chinese method of dehydration and adding Chinese herbs) Benefits include: ⭐️ helps fight the baby blues in mood fluctuations (balancing hormones) ⭐️ reduction in postpartum bleeding ⭐️ enhanced milk supply- this has been proven in a clinical study ⭐️ increase your energy levels ⭐️ oxytocin-The feel good hormone, create feelings of bonding, happiness, and pain relief. ⭐️ Cortisone- eases stress and unlocks the bodies energy stores. ⭐️ interferon- stimulates the immune system to help fight off infection. ⭐️ prostaglandins-Acts as an anti-inflammatory Just a reminder, I’m back in the office on Monday, July 23-25th and would love to see you. Thank you for all your trust in me! Dr. E #encapsulation#placenta#healing#homebirth

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