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Ho! Ho! Holiday party/Open House Monday!

Holiday Party, Monday, December 18th 6-7:30pm

Join Us this Monday, 6-7:30pm for our Open House/Christmas Party

It's time to celebrate you and all that you have inspired me this past year and I'm grateful for all of you who've been in Just Breathe Chiropractic. We have a special night of food and music for you and we want you to feel free to invite a friend or a family member to come meet me. Please feel send the email below to those who you'd like to invite. Be sure to do it right away~our open house is this Monday, December 18th. (feel free to change it up if you would like) Subject: Thought you would love this... Hi (insert your friends name) I go to this incredible office called Just Breathe Chiropractic, where I receive care from Dr. Elizabeth Sordyl. She somehow magically knows the exact places to gently touch my back and it releases all my tension, stress, aches, and pains, stored emotions, and this technique helps me effortlessly let it all go! I feel so much better since I've been seeing her. I have more clarity, energy, connection, to my inner knowing, and feel just totally healthier overall. She's having an Open House/Christmas party this Monday and we can invite our friends/family to come in and sample the magic with a free spinal assessment. I thought of you. Dr. Sordyl basically reads your spine while she treats you and tells you exactly what's going on with your life. It's crazy~ but it's spot on.

Here's her information: Just Breathe Chiropractic Open House- email or call: Telephone: 1.408.867.3407 Enjoy and I'd love to hear what you think! Happy Holidays! Insert your first name Thank you for sharing the work! Dr. Elizabeth Sordyl 14583 Big Basin Way, #3a Saratoga, CA 95070 T: 408.867.3407 Web:

Special office hours this week: Monday: 3-6:30pm Tuesday: 4-6pm Wednesday: 9-11:30am-3-6:30pm Thursday: emergencies only Friday: 9-11:30am

Saturday: 10-11am, by appointment only

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