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Hi all, A reminder we are in the office today! This week we are working on specifics of our upcoming Clear Day on Saturday, February 11th. It’s a good time to reset, relax and focus on some specific healing for you in the new year. The Clear Day is a one day retreat to help you get moving in areas of your life that need attention. Your body stores beliefs, stories, tension and pain and it’s gets in the way of who you really are. We want you to access your limitless creativity, passion, and encourage you to design your life on your terms. The clear day consists of 3 entrainments (the body work that I specialize in), an hour of restorative yoga , the 12 Stages of Healing breath work to open up those areas that you’re unaware of, and organic lunch. We will send more details this week and you can sign up with us this week. This weeks hours are: Monday: Closed for MLK day Tuesday: 12-2pm Wednesday: 12-1pm and 3-6pm Thursday: 3-6pm Friday: emergencies only With love , Dr. E


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