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Stress hormones

Stress hormones | Just Breathe

Hi all, As you already know, stress hormones shut down the immune system. We've all been under such stress, mentally, emotionally and physically. The amount of anger, frustration, helplessness and sadness has been insurmountable during these times. I want to know that I'm here for you and can help. Here are a few ideas for you: * Eat food that's good for you. (Fruits, veggies, salads) * Take quality supplements and vitamins * Watch what your thinking (fear, not working, am I going to die) This week has been another strange one and since cortisol is released when we are in fight or flight, your body goes into panic mode and inhibit your immune system. Get checked more regularly and your stress hormones will change immediately. Monday: June 8th: 3-6pm Tuesday: June 9th: 10-12noon Wednesday: June 10th 10-12noon & 2-5pm Thursday: emergencies only Friday: June 12th 12-4pm New patients are seen outside these hours. Here is wonderful video from my mentor, Dr. Bruce Lipton on how your body handles the stress.

With love,

Dr. E

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