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June 12, 2020

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What is your relationship with pain?

April 25, 2018



What is your relationship with pain? 


Imagine your day from consistently undefended, open minded point of you, where you can see more clearly and therefore operate with much more energy, vitality, and ease. Insights pop, knowing abounds, and unfolding of your potential is supported encouraged. This is how humans are designed to function.

Did you know that in the late 90s, Network Care did a longitudinal study at UC Irvine with almost 3000 patients from the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico and found that following results: 

1. Improved physical state
2. Improved emotional state
3. Improved quality-of-life
4. Improved response to stress
5. Improved overall enjoyment of life
76% of peoples symptoms/expectations had been met. Wow. 

Pain, tension, injuries, frustration, depression and overwhelm are all a call to action. Their messages are designed to get your attention, and to let you know that you are out of alignment.

Some of you would like to send your friends or family members to me and we want to let you know that if you do, we really appreciate your trust in us. This week if you know someone who is walking or running the The Great Race from Saratoga to Los Gatos, we will give them 20% off their initial exam. Please spread the word.

Our office hours today are: 
9-11:30 Dr. E & 3-6:30p Dr. Shea
Friday: 9-11:30am Dr. Shea
And Saturday: 10-11am Dr. Shea

Thank you for all your trust in me!
Dr. E, Dr. Shea and Daissy

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