Open today 10-11am

Open today 10-11am Hi all, In a world where we look externally for all the answers and for validation of our self-worth, when you be great to instead source that information and knowing from within. To have the power at any moment to axis truth from the secret place where I can never be taken from you. And to do it in a way where you were finally able to except all the parts of yourself- The good, bad, and the ugly- and get that as a human it is normal to go through a range of experiences, from suffering to stuckness to limitless action to joy to bliss and that they are all part of the grand spectrum of life. Drop in the office today from 10-11am and allow you to reset itself. Happy Sa

What is your relationship with pain?

What is your relationship with pain? Imagine your day from consistently undefended, open minded point of you, where you can see more clearly and therefore operate with much more energy, vitality, and ease. Insights pop, knowing abounds, and unfolding of your potential is supported encouraged. This is how humans are designed to function. Did you know that in the late 90s, Network Care did a longitudinal study at UC Irvine with almost 3000 patients from the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico and found that following results: 1. Improved physical state 2. Improved emotional state 3. Improved quality-of-life 4. Improved response to stress 5. Improved overall enjoyment of life 76% of peoples s

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